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How to Talk to (Little) Girls

A friend sent me a link to a to great article recently, about how to talk to little girls. I was SHOCKED when I read it to realize just how GUILTY I am (and have unconsciously been with my own girls) at paying way too much attention to what they look like.

Teaching girls to value who they are rather they what they look like needs to start when they’re young–but it’s a life long exercise. And, in view of the constant barrage of cultural immodesty, it’s a challenging one. Trust me, I’m the mom of three daughters, I know!

Michael Hyatt recently posted a blog about how he has tried to instill modesty in his five daughters, What Ever Happened to Modesty?  Great advice. We don’t hear that word much these days, do we?  It’s pretty much counter cultural.

What I thought particularly cool about the talking-to-little-girls article was that it came the DAD of a three-year old girl.  Wow, if Allie at three has a dad who is already so ON IT, she is blessed indeed (way to go, Will).

What are your ideas for raising young women who have a clear sense of (and confidence in) who they ARE–rather than depending on what they LOOK LIKE for their sense of value?

Would love to hear your thoughts …