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I have served as developmental editor, writer, and publishing consultant on a number of fine books and curricular resources. My authors are all world changers and working with them has been an honor and a privilege.  I hope you enjoy a little stroll through my “library” … check out my publishing portfolio at:



5 thoughts on “Publishing Portfolio

  1. Our church found a copy of your NavPress “The Lord’s Prayer for Kids cards.” We love these for our children. We have hunted everywhere we know to look online and can not find them available. Do you know of a source? If not, May we use the information to produce something for our children?

  2. Hi Nicole … you might be able to order them from Tyndale House … if not, would you please retain the author and copyright information, and “Used by Permission.” Thank you! They notified me they were discontinuing them and I’ve been meaning to order up the remaining stock just for occasions like this … thanks for the reminder to follow up on that! Feel free to email me

  3. Hi, I have seen the copy of page 1 “The Lord’s Prayer for Kids” online, but are there other pages available please? I would love a download to hand out in church tomorrow as I am covering the Lords Prayer for the children. Thank you

  4. Hi Sandra, there is not anything available as a download online, but I do have the cards available for sale (they are no longer in print through NavPress or Tyndale). They are $5.00 for a package of 20 cards, plus shipping. If you’d like to order some, just let me know and I can accept payment through PayPal. Thanks, and blessings to you! ~Arlyn

  5. I finally found the cards I am looking for! I’ve used these with my prayer kids, and ran out of them a long time ago. I guess there’s no “Pray Kids” at Navigators anymore. I would love to have some of the Children’s prayer cards that you have started to republish. Let me know what I need to do..

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